Restaurants & Cafe

Interiors of a place define it more than anything. It sets the aura of the place and refreshes the moods of the visitors. Investing in your restaurant’s interiors and tables will be the most important investment for your place. Refurbish your restaurant by the services provided by Upright Upholstery and bring life to your restaurant. We provide the following services:

• Custom-choice based refurnishing of restaurants and café.
• Tables and chairs made available in a variety of designs and can be altered according to your requirements.
• On site repairs at your home or office catering to your schedule, anywhere in Sydney.
• Finest quality materials used by our skilled technicians
• Durable products serving the needs of both fashion and function.

  • Sagging Roof Lining Repairs

  • All Leather interior

  • Roof Lining

  • Seat Repairs

  • Soft Tops

  • Carpet Door Trims

  • Custom Interior Cleaning

  • Steering Wheels

  • Tonneau Covers

  • All Marine Trimming

  • Resturants seats and decorations

  • Gym Equipment

  • Medical Equipment

  • Motor Bikes

  • GPS and reverse sensors

  • All entertainment units and screen

Past Work

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