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Upright Upholstery is a team of trained and experienced individuals that provide you with the best of the upholstery services. At Upright Upholstery, we bring life to your place by providing you with the best of all restoration and repair services you ask for.
In today’s world consumer’s expectation have risen and what also has risen are the opportunities to perform. Upright upholstery services take pride delivering the best upholstery services all around Sydney. At Upright Upholstery, we promise to deliver the best of our services and nothing but consumer satisfaction is our only goal.

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Providing unbeatable value quality upholstery services in Sydney for over 10yrs. The team at Upright Upholstery Sydney are experienced in upholstering car interiors, boat interiors, café & restaurant interiors. Commercial interiors.


Our exceptional reputation for producing high quality products and workmanship is well known and we are proud of the fact that our business has grown through recommendations from our many satisfied customers. We offer a complete upholstery service which is virtually unlimited in its diversity. We not only cater to private clientele, but also to car dealerships, restaurants, fitness facilities and medical centres in Sydney and surrounding areas.

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