Cars Upholstery

Now enjoy your long drives on your newly covered leather seats by Upright Upholstery. We offer the finest collection of patterns and designs that would fit your vehicle like nothing ever has. Our updated technology and skilled technicians provide the best combination of services for your car.

• Choice based designing. • Wide Range of designs. • Skilled and experienced technicians. • We ensure the best quality by using the best tools and materials. • With Up-to-date techniques and creative minds, we ensure you get the optimum return on your auto investment.

At upright upholstery, we aim to provide your car with the best upholstery services. Our customers enjoy high-quality services being delivered all around Sydney according to their needs and schedule.

  • Sagging Roof Lining Repairs
  • All Leather interior
  • Roof Lining
  • Seat Repairs
  • Soft Tops
  • Carpet Door Trims
  • Custom Interior Cleaning
  • Steering Wheels
  • Repair the damaged areas
  • Install a replacement factory upholstery cover
  • Replace one or several “panels” with the same or similar materials
  • Re-upholster the seat completely in the same or similar materials
  • Re-cover the seat completely in a new material
  • We can use leather, vinyl or cloth, or we can install a leather interior conversion.

Past Work

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