Medical Equipment

Ensure your patient’s wellbeing by the services provided by Upright Upholstery and enhance functional life and performance of your Clinic’s equipment. Following are the highlights of our services:

• Reliable, excellent quality range and cost effective upholstery
• All the materials and products are used and finalized keeping in mind the set industry norms.
• Our well-experienced technicians ensure that proper quality products are being rendered.
• Our up-to-date technology produces durable goods ensuring the best services rendered to the patients.
• Wrinkle free, stain resistant- soft and elegant designs available that offer both functioning and fashion.

At upright upholstery, we aim to provide the best upholstery services to your treatment center in all of the Sydney. Our customers enjoy high-quality services being delivered according to their needs and schedule.

  • Sagging Roof Lining Repairs

  • All Leather interior

  • Roof Lining

  • Seat Repairs

  • Soft Tops

  • Carpet Door Trims

  • Custom Interior Cleaning

  • Steering Wheels

  • Tonneau Covers

  • All Marine Trimming

  • Resturants seats and decorations

  • Gym Equipment

  • Medical Equipment

  • Motor Bikes

  • GPS and reverse sensors

  • All entertainment units and screen

Past Work

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